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Move It or Lose It


Tuesday, 11am - 12pm 


£5 per class


Jo: 07941 086603 or Sam: 07925 602862


My colleague Sam Griss and I are a couple of 50+ women, I have a dance background and have also been an older person’s nurse specialist, whilst Sam is from the corporate world with a passion for fitness, so together we formed an effective partnership two years ago delivering Move it Or Lose it Sessions around Norfolk.  When our full schedule is allowed to resume in May we will be running 10 busy classes around the region – 11 with Swanton Morley.  Our clients particularly love our sessions as we are realistic, humorous women who make exercise accessible and inclusive to all.  Although we trained in the ‘Fabs’ approach to Move it or Lose it (flexibility,aerobic,balance and strength), we have adapted the system to suit all levels from the most fit, to chair based participants. We also cater to those with underlying conditions such as COPD, Parkinson’s, joint replacements and cognitive issues.


Move it or Lose it was designed in partnership with the Birmingham University Centre for Active Ageing and all the components have been scientifically proven to turn back the clock, as well as maintaining joint integrity and muscle strength all vital towards falls-prevention and future independence.   Why is exercise important during the COVID-19 pandemic?  Regular exercise is essential for everyone under normal circumstances. However, here are a few reasons why exercise is especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Exercise boosts the immune system: Research shows that regular, moderate-intensity exercise has immune-boosting benefits that may help your body fight off infections, including COVID-19.

  • Exercise may prevent weight gain: Exercise can help you burn extra calories caused by dietary changes and offset the effects of sedentary activities.

  • Exercise reduces stress and anxiety: Exercise is a proven mood-booster and can help adults reduce stress levels and build emotional resilience.

  • Exercise improves sleep: There is evidence that suggests regular exercise helps you fall asleep faster.

We have found that all the above benefits have become apparent across our client group - but the main thing is we have great fun doing it!